Programs Available

Below is a categorized list of all materials you may need as a presenter of
Sabor y Memoria. If you cannot find what you are looking for below please let us know. Thank you!

Publicity Materials

Show Description of Various Lengths (English & Spanish)
Info-Sheet with Bios
Translated Lyrics
Stage Intro

‘Sabor’ Poster (11x14, Full Color)
‘Sabor’ Handbill (2/page, 8.5x11, Full Color)

Food Pictures by John Chomitz
Wedding Anniversary Painting by Mollie Burke
Band Photos


Program Book

Program Book in PDF
Program Book in WORD
7 Recipes Associated with ‘Sabor’


Community Engagement Ideas

Click Here for a List of Ideas we cooked up with help from a Sabor presenter to involve the local community and build buzz for the show & make your job easy!



Click on the Movie to Download
7 minute Sabor Promo: Large / Small
“Alquimia” with Photomontage

Click Here for a 5min Audio Demo Bland of songs from ‘Sabor’


Technical and Performance Requirements

Technical Requirements
Stage Plot
Performance Requirements