Sabor y Memoria

Composer and MacDowell Fellow Brian Amador’s newest multi-media, pan-Latin musical suite is about a favorite topic - food! Performed by Latin roots ensembleBrian Amador Sol y Canto and strings, Sabor y Memoria (Flavor and Memory) touches on issues of memory and nostalgia for one’s home country, immigration, hunger, cooking, and of course, chocolate! Everyone will want a taste. The project promises to stretch the boundaries of the concert experience in exciting ways: Fan-generated content stories and recipes, along with giant projected images by superb photographers Jon Chomitz, Owen Hartford and Rick Grossman, will be part of the performance, and the work supports a wide variety of opportunities for community engagement through partnering with local restaurants, community organizations, and farmers markets.

The deepest, most distant memories can be triggered by an aroma, an instant reminder of home. From appetizer through dessert, Sabor y Memoria combines and contrasts Latin musical genres old and new in much the same way that flavors are blended in the cuisine of a new land. In diverse rhythms from Latin America and the Caribbean, singers, rhythm section, and string quartet engage in a dialogue celebrating the diversity of Latin cultures and the ways they affect each other and the dominant culture in the process of assimilating to a new life in the U.S.

Presenting organizations may use Sabor y Memoria What Audiences Say About Sabor y Memoriaas a focal point for activities such as cooking classes/demonstrations, food drives, and awareness-raisers for issues of hunger, nutrition, and sustainable agriculture. Chefs/restaurateurs may be invited to offer food tastings from Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Argentina, Cuba, etc. in the venue lobby or nearby eateries, bringing even more sabor and aroma to the event.

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Program Outline

  1. Fas fud (Fast Food) - Cuban son
  2. Cosas verdes (Green things) – Venezuelan merengue
  3. Olor a chiles (Aroma of Chiles) - Mexican huapango
  4. Alquimia (Alchemy) – Argentine milonga
  5. Hambre (Hunger) – Argentine zamba
  6. El tamal (The tamal) – Afro-Peruvian landó
  7. Chocolate – Colombian bullerengue or Puerto Rican bomba

Bookings: info@solycanto.com

Fas Fud, the first performance video taste of Sabor y Memoria.

Brian at MacDowell Artist Colony

Brian at MacDowell Artist Colony from Sol y Canto on Vimeo.

How to Involve Your Community at the Venue:

  • Latin Chefs offer Delicious Food Tastings
  • Local Agricultural Sustainability Organizations
  • Local Hunger Organizations
  • Propose an accomplished local String Quartet

Sol y Canto with String Quartet

Sol y Canto pairs up with the formidable string quartet Cuarteto Latinoamericano from Mexico (est.1982) for this collaboration! Or it can be performed with a different string quartet or a couple of additional musicians and the sextet.

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Brian Amador Photo: Phillip Caruso